Adam Baum Plays Largely Depressing Electric Rock

by Adam Baum

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released December 27, 2015



all rights reserved
Track Name: Chemistry: Oxidized
I need action a chemical reaction catalyzing me
it doesn't have to be something I can see
I can touch, I can taste,
a smile upon a face that I cannot replace

I'm unreactive anymore
I'm incombustible for sure
I'm oxidized I'm neutralized I'm paralyzed
by what hides in my disguise

Satisfaction, split into a fraction, fragmentizing me.
Why does it have to be something I can't see
I can't fake, I can't feel
So let me make a deal that no one can repeal
Track Name: Math: X is a Function of Why
X is the problem, although it might sound strange
Algebraically, I try to rearrange
It's probable that a solution can be found
Can't seem to solve it and it's got me counting down

X always varies in my mind
Hope x approaches zero over time
X can't be factored 'cause it's prime
X must be a function of why

X is the problem it's a cosine of my times
That explains the tangents ever present and sublime
X fractallizes my brain's geometry
Adding to subtraction from the empty set in me

X is the problem growing exponentially
Hope someday it levels off to curve logistically
X is the theorem that I can't seem to prove
Upward to infinity, the only way it moves
Track Name: Biology: Waiting Around to Go Extinct
Dinosaurs once ruled the Earth
Their bones now buried in the dirt
Nature selected it to be
And now it's happening to me
Once I was fit and I survived
Top predator, I was alive
Now like the dodo bird I'm trapped
Just not quite able to adapt

I think I'm gonna go extinct
I know I'm gonna go extinct
Endangered species me just sitting on the brink
Waiting around to go extinct

Environment changed in my brain
Selective pressure was insane
Competition won't resolve
Unless somehow I can evolve

My habitat has disappeared
My niche displaced just as I feared
One thing ol' Darwin sure did know
Species come and species go
Track Name: Physics: I Am the Universe
I'm a quark, I'm a quasar, I'm an atom
I am every far flung star that you can fathom
I am light, I am dark, I'm an electrical spark
A blessing and a curse, I am the Universe

I am all that ever was and ever will be
I am now, I am then, I am eternity
I am space, I am time, I am body, I am mind
For better or for worse, I am the Universe

I'm a saint, I am Satan, ain't I something
I'm a knight, I'm a knave, I am nothing
I am here, I am there, ever present and nowhere
I'm the last, I'm the first, I am the Universe
Track Name: Geology: Stones in My Soul
Big ass stones breaking my bones
They're breaking my bones
Breaking all of my bones

Tectonic force cannot be stopped of course
It grinds as it gashes the earth
Up flows the mantle it's too hot to handle
Endlessly bringing rebirth

So I pray everyday that this feeling goes away
I'll smooth out the stones and pave the way
I pray, God knows that I pray, this stupid feeling will just go away
But the stones in my soul are here to stay
Track Name: Evil: Absolute Zero
So crazy cold you're going to quiver
So frosty frigid tat you'll freeze
You'll pray to God you get a fever
You'll wish you had a deadly disease

Feel the mercury condensing
Bundle up and run inside
The bitter chill I am dispensing
Makes a grown man wish he had died

Stone cold you know I'm blowing snow
At twenty five below
But you don't know cold until your soul
Reaches absolute zero

Minus four five nine Fahrenheit
In nature this does not exist
I am unnatural, not carin' right
Superconducting can't resist

Stone cold you know I'm blowing snow
At twenty five below
But you don't know cold until your soul
Reaches absolute zero
Track Name: Evil: Soul Suckin' Parasite
I'm really not so evil
Just trying to survive
Just like a common weevil
Killing to stay alive
And thrive
Within this hive
I'm keeping it in drive
'til I arrive
At the bitter end
It's bitter there my friend

Soul sucking parasite
Feed off your dreams at night
You're right to run in fright (from this)
Soul sucking parasite

Can you see
I'm just trying to be
So keep away from me
I'm like a killer bee
I'll sting you painfully
I sting so painfully

Deep in your bowels I'm clinging
Draining your spirits dry
Your ears resound the ringing
Rapidly rot inside
Don't cry, no don't even try
To ever ask me why
Just run and hide
In the bitter end
So bitter there my friend
Track Name: Evil: Time is Gonna Come
Blood red billows in the sky today
A perfect time and place to pass away
It's scripted in the stars you say
I'm not convinced it's true
It could be you
What would you do
If everything went black
A fatal heart attack

Your time is gonna come will you be ready for it
Your time is gonna come
Your time is gonna come, come on get ready for it
Your time is gonna come

Thoughtful thickness in the air tonight
A Cheshire chill chases off the fright
Anyway I'm gonna be alright
There's not much I can do
I know it's true
So don't be blue
When everything goes black
This train is right on track
Track Name: Zoo: Wild Dogs
Pack's a-prowlin' in the pale light
pursing their prey after midnight
Make the kill, gonna get their fill
Wolf it down you know they will

Get as much as you can as fast as you can
Wild dogs don't know when they'll get the chance again
Get as much as you can as fast as you can
Wild dogs are gonna get all they demand

Hunger motivates the masses
Gets them up off of their asses
the time is right, that's when they strike
Gonna decimate tonight

If by chance good luck arises
Won't be any big surprises
The victim falls, gonna take it all
Don't act like you are appalled
Track Name: Zoo: Bad Kitty
Bad kitty dirty bag of fleas
Bad kitty carrying disease
Bad kitty he won't miss a chance to piss on my bed look at this
Bad kitty don't respect my rules I am his tool played like a fool

For me bad kitty has no need
Unless of course it's time to feed
Scratch me until I bleed indeed his speed ensures he will be freed
Bad kitty flees up trees when he agrees it's time to catch some z's

Bad kitty pays no mind to me
Bad kitty does as he does please

Bad kitty trashing up my house
Bad kitty never caught one mouse
Bad kitty shreds my couch a mangy louse of this there is no doubt
I scream and shout to shoo him out but he stays lingering about
Track Name: Zoo: Monkeys
Monkey see, that's just what monkey do
To everyone of you
That's the nature of the game, the same
Last 90 million days
Inane and insane

Monkey got himself a stick you better run
Beats his chest under the sun
Monkey got himself a stick he's number one
Gonna flog you just for fun

Need a bigger stick.....
Got a bigger stick....

Monkey me, and monkey is them too
And everyone of you
And how our sticks have grown so grand
As planned
Blow up this Goddamn land
Give an ape a hand

Monkey got himself a stick you better run
Beats his chest under the sun
Monkey got himself a stick he's number one
Gonna flog you just for fun

Monkey got a gun.....
Monkey got a bomb....